"Betty Leopard": Wax On. Wax Off?

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Wax On. Wax Off?

I hate the rigmarole of hair removal.

I do it (some of the time) because I like being hair free and so I can break out my summer clothes and get some air on my skin*, but I hate the process.

I've tried so many different ways of shedding the fuzz ; shaving, depilatory creams, epilating, sugaring, waxing - pretty much any hair removal product available in Boots (I'd love to give Laser Hair Removal a go, but I don't have anywhere near enough £££ for that!).

In the cases of shaving and depilatory creams the regrowth is so quick (and itchy!) that it's barely worth bothering. Epillating is too painful and leaves my legs covered in little red dots (inflamed follicles I guess) that can take days to go away. So that leaves me with sugaring and waxing....

My problem is, I'm really bad at waxing. I don't know if it's just me, maybe I'm just a total wax-clutz, but it never goes well for me. I miss bits, I get wax everywhere, I always run out of strips, I take forever, the wax needs reheating constantly and when I do reheat it I always make it too hot.....Basically, a waxing disaster. Still, I persevere in the hope that I'll get better and also because, for the patches that I do manage to actually wax (patches are better than nothing), the results are still better than shaving or epilating.

So, in the brief period of warm weather we had a week or so ago, I decided to bite the bullet and get my wax on (and off, that's how it works). I got my wax and strips out, then I hit a barrier - our microwave suffered a small but fatal explosion a while back and we are no microwave-less.

No Microwave = No Molten Hot Wax = No burns, but also no waxing. Bugger.

It was this conundrum that led me to discover the Veet Easy Wax Electrical Roll-On Kit - a unit that heats and melts the wax so that you can just roll it on.
Brilliant! A solution to my lack of microwave but also my inability to get wax at the right temperature and the mess I usually end up making while waxing! As an extra bonus, Veet products were also half price in Boots last week, although sadly not any more.

As the weather took a downturn it has taken me a week now to test the thing out, but I finally got round to it today.

The kit contains the self-heating electrical unit, a stand, a plug, one wax roll-on, 12 strips, 3 post-depilatory wipes and some instructions. To use it, you insert the wax roll-on into the self-heating unit, attach the cable and plug in, then leave in the stand for 20 minutes to heat up.

Pros and Cons
The main things I liked and disliked about the Veet Easy Wax Electrical Roll-On

      + Self-heating (No Microwave needed)                               - 25 Minute heat-up time
      + Constant temperature (no reheating or burns)                - Only 12 strips included (not enough)
      + Cleaner than other wax (though I still made a mess)      - Not water washable (limited use on strips)

I actually had to wait around 25 minutes before the wax came out of the roll-on. It's quite a long time to wait and makes it a long process, but I'm never going to wax in a rush and don't have a microwave as another option, so it's just something I need to live with (not the worst thing in the world!).

Only having 12 strips included is optimistic at best, although you do get new strips with the wax refills. I still had to use all those included and a load I had stockpiled in the bathroom. In addition, this wax isn't water soluble so you can't wash the strips - you can reuse them a few times, but ultimately they need to be thrown away, which I'm not very happy about (I'm very much about waste reduction). Wax left on skin can be removed with the wipes included, or baby oil on a cotton pad - I used a lot of baby oil on cotton pads, even thought this is meant to be a clean system, I still managed to make mess :/

I had a look at the wax insert after it had cooled down, its not easy to tell how much wax I used but it doesn't seem like a lot. I did buy an extra arm & leg insert as well as a bikini and underarm insert which has a smaller roller for more precision application.

Overall, I'm happy with the Veet Easy Wax Electrical Roll-On. I might have thought harder before buying if I had known strips couldn't be washed and needed to be thrown away, but I have bought it now and do need it if I want to wax my legs.
If you have a microwave I would probably recommend you just stick with other microwavable waxes, although I guess this might be useful for taking away with you (as long as you're prepared to set aside a good chunk of holiday time to waxing!).

Now you know more than you probably needed to about my hair removal regime - just be glad I didn't take any before pictures (or after actually, I may need to have another go to 're-touch').
I hope you are all well,
Thanks for reading :)


*Disclaimer: I'm not putting any judgement down on women or saying they have to remove body hair in order to wear skirts, shorts, vests etc - it's a personal choice, but I choose to remove.


  1. I have tried waxing a couple of times but I find it too painful - I will have to give it a go again x


  2. I've just done a post ALL about hair removal! :) great blog!

    Kelly xx



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