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Saturday, 12 April 2014


Hello? Is anyone still there? - I wouldn't blame you for having given up on me, I can hardly believe how long I have gone without blogging. To be perfectly honest I just haven't had the motivation - I started a new job in March which has been really enjoyable but tiring and taking up a lot of my brain space, plus we've started seriously looking at buying a house which has proven to be even more stressful than I anticipated.

I thought I would break myself back into blogging gently with a short post to show off my new purse.

I was still using the cute cherry blossom one I bought all the way back in January 2011! I only just realised how long I'd had it when I went to find the post I included it in. It's not surprising it had started to give up a bit, the clasp on the front had started falling off and the zip had become rather temperamental and would occasionally refuse to open and/or close.

I found this one in New Look while shopping for new work clothes - this new job is another step up in smart workwear, so I was on the hunt for shirts. As well as a nice white/ream shirt with a black heart print and a black shirt with large white polka dots, I fell in love with this little guy so treated myself.

He was hardly a great extravagance at £9.99, and he's so cute he always makes me smile :) I do love foxes. I like to think he probably makes a fair few other people smile too, when I'm out shopping.

He is slightly reminiscent of the fox face satchel that I kinda liked but refused to buy on the grounds that it quickly became a massive blogger cliché and also, more importantly, satchels are rarely big enough for me to fit all my junk inside!

I can't find him on the New Look website, but they do have similar ones with a Bulldog, Pug and Owl face. I don't think they are quite as awesome as my little fox, but if you're a particular fan of bulldogs/pugs/owls then they should still make you smile.

Thank you for sticking with me!
Who wants to start taking bets on how long it will take me to post again? :D


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