"Betty Leopard": #PaperHaul Box 2 - Orange

Saturday, 31 January 2015

#PaperHaul Box 2 - Orange

I can't believe it's the end of January already! This month seems to have flown by before my very eyes and I'm not sure I can account for all of it!

One thing I do know happened this month is the arrival of my second #PaperHaul box. The contents of the January box were all based around the colour Orange.

The box contained three cards, a postcard with a little sleeping ginger kitten, some small notecards, three gift tags, a sheet of foxy stickers, 2 printed papers and a roll of orange spotty washi tape.

I've already sent the card with the ginger-afro moustachioed man as a slightly (very) random birthday card for a good friend. I like receiving the cards in this box as they're not the same as the mass produced cards you get in the shops and I find it useful to have a selection of cards stored for an occasion you might have forgotten.

The foxy stickers are super cute. I'm a big fan of foxes and almost don't want to use the stickers so I can keep them for myself.

Ever since we bought our house last year I have been meaning to start a scrap book of pictures and things I want to remember from the process of buying, moving in and renovating the place. I have the book but haven't started putting it together yet. The papers and washi tape in this box are a great addition to the small collection I have started to develop that will be useful for the scrapbook, if and when I get round to it!

I've signed up for a Pen Pal Club that I hope to write about soon. I think I'll be paired with my pen pal next week, so I'm sure I'll have lots of uses for all my lovely #PaperHaul goodies :)

Has anyone else signed up for #PaperHaul or another stationary/writing material type subscription?
Also, anyone fancy a pen pal?7

Hope you are well,
Thanks for reading.


NB. I have received a discount on the box price as a reviewing blogger

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